WARNING: The following video contains acts of violence that may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

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The sequel to The Visitor.

Play the game (and its prequel and sequel) on this website and just create an account, it’s free!

The Visitor:
The Visitor: Massacre At Camp Happy:
The Visitor Returns:

The Visitor, The Visitor: Massacre At Camp Happy, The Visitor Returns and other Flash Games are kept in the Flash Games playlist.

Flash Games playlist:

Story: Control an alien death slug as it rains death and destruction onto a sleepy campground. Based on Zeebarf’s hit game The Visitor, the homicidal death slug is back in an all new action-adventure horror game. Guide him through the mountainous forest grounds of Camp Happy, as he destroys everything in his path in search of human victims.

Features original horror music by Sergiu Muresan, 10 large scrolling levels with puzzle elements and action game play, 10 unique campers to devour, each with distinct death animations, 11 different animal types to mutilate throughout, hand-drawn 2D animation, game stat tracking, achievements and automatic game saving.

Release Dates – December 24, 2010
Genre – Action Adventure, Horror (Flash Game)
Platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux
Developer – Jay “Zeebarf” Ziebarth, ClickShake Games
Publisher, Sponsor – Newgrounds, ArcadeBomb

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